Parent Info Waiver

I am a non-traditional adult student applying to transfer from a CC to a 4 year undergrad program. When asking the finaid office about special instructions for independent students, they instructed me to fill out a parent info waiver form. The form asks for a written response on the nature of your relationship with each parent, and why it is impossible to submit their information. Has anyone had success with this? I am not exactly sure what to write. I have contact with one parent, so it’s not impossible, its just that I am 27 and married.

Did you tell them you were 27 and married??

Why would you need to do this? When you complete the FAFSA, you will get to a series of questions related to dependency. You meet the age requirement and you are married…when you answer “yes” to these questions, you won’t have to provide parent financial info on the FAFSA.

I would suggest you contact the 4 year colleges and ask about the Profile. Just ask them if parent info is needed for a 27 year old, married student. They will tell you.

What state are you from?


@thumper1 I was able to file my FAFSA as an independent, but the schools also require the CSS profile. The form is to waive the parent section of the CSS profile, which their website says independent students are not automatically exempt from.
I am from RI applying to schools in MA.

This situation reflects the fact that undergraduate financial aid is still kind of stuck in the days of people going to college full time, right out of high school. The typical student at a Profile school probably still fits this assumption, and the instructions are geared toward situations where students might be independent due to factors other than age. I would suggest just being honest … you are 27 years old and married. Tell them why you won’t be submitting parent information. I second @thumper1 ’s suggestion to call the school (s). It is possible that they may still want parent information (as some medical & law schools do), and it would be important for you to know if they have this expectation.

Unfortunately the schools that use the Profile have their own rules for data required and age cutoff.

@“Erin’s Dad” @kelsmom thank you. I spoke via email with a finaid rep and they told me to place zeros on the CSS for parents income and then to fill out the parent info waiver form. The waiver asks for documentation that shows you are not in touch with your parent (which isn’t true in my case!), maybe I should call and clarify. Thank you all again.

look up the school’s policy regarding financial aid for uindeoendent students. many schools have policies in place that you have to be 27 years old showing 5 years of self sufficiency

what school are you applying to?

@sybbie719 Its so hard finding information! I’m applying to Boston University and Northeastern.

For Boston University, It looks like you have to submit the Dependency status verification form

BU also has a parent information requirement form waiver form

It will be on the same link as other documents

For Northeastern, it looks like you fill out your financial aid forms and they tell you what they need.

Are you applying to the school of professional studies or as a regular transfer student.

@sybbie719 Yes, exactly. I have completed the Dependency Verification form for BU. It is the second form that you posted that I am stuck on. Because they ask for a written statement and proof that shows a “documentable extenuating circumstance which makes it impossible for you to provide parental information” That isn’t necessarily the case for me. It’s just that I am an older student, so I am not exactly sure what to write. When I told BU finaid that I was 27 and married, they just linked me to this form.

I am applying as a regular transfer student.

@nontradishbish , You would use the second form if you cannot meet any of the requirements from the first email.

this does not pertain to you because you can document one of the 13 conditions (more than one of the 13 conditions that make you an independent student)

I was just providing information.

It looks like BU verifies everyone before they give a parental waiver and has outlined their process.

@sybbie719 Thank you! BU told me to submit both forms, so I just repeated that I was an older student and uploaded my marriage license and birth certificate as “proof.”