Parents of the HS Class of 2023

D23 just signed up for all of her community service for honor society this weekend and the school arranged for all hours to take place “in house” this year.

They have to tutor for a mandatory 10 hours and then an additional 10 hours of working at a school event (concessions, open house, tours etc.) for the year.

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That was the answer I got!

I got a “good” from my S23 on how was the PSAT, which is about the response I expected. He took the SAT two weeks ago so may be a little burnt out of tests.

Also feeling the weight of the Junior year workload, any suggestions on things to ease the pressure? He’s cut back on some of his sports practices. Been driving him to school vs taking the bus which gives min an extra 30 minutes of sleep.


Nice that your school coordinates volunteer hours. Ours requires 12 hours per year and you have to find them yourself. Also requires 4 organized activities, only 1 can be a sport, for at least 2 consecutive years. This can be very difficult for a “pointy” kid who is seriously time invested in one major activity. My ‘23 (who is now at a boarding school) used to dance pre-professionally with regional company affiliated ballet school, danced 16-20 hours a week (plus 10 hours commuting). Did some clubs at school but switched one of them and despite being too 5% in a class of 300ish, did not qualify. They also did not make kids aware of these requirements Freshman year so they could plan for them. Glad I am more aware for my ‘25 kiddo!

D took PSAT this morning and all I got in response to my text asking how it went was “good but long”

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I got a “fine” and I have learned that means not to ask any more questions :smiley: Now she just has to finish one more project and 1st quarter will be done.


Are PSAT scores reported the same as when my D17 took it years ago? The school received scores and gave them out in December.


yes, I think they are projecting PSAT scores to be released Dec 6-7

PSAT was this morning here, kid said it was “fine”, later on said the problem with the math section was that she wasn’t certain she remembered everything since it’s been a couple years that she was taking that sort of stuff. She thinks she probably got everything in that section except for one specific systems of equations problem (“And I know how to do systems of equations!!” she exclaims) where no matter what she did, she kept getting absolutely bonkers results. She eventually picked a random bubble and decided she didn’t really care.