Parents of the HS Class of 2024

This thread is destined for parents of potential 2024 high school grads.


Thank you!

I’m joining for my new freshman D. She is excited to start high school, but nervous because there is not an orientation day for her this year. I know she’ll do fine though.

I haven’t posted much during D20’s journey, but hoping to post a bit more as I begin again with D24. The start of high school won’t be typical, but I’m hoping for a great year for everyone in the Class of 2024!

D24 started high school this past week! We are in-person, but the first 2 weeks are just 50% at a time, so only 2 days each week. This is letting them learn the ropes of the new safety rules and it lets kids new to the building be more comfortable.

D really enjoyed it, I think. She knows kids in most of her classes so far. She hasn’t seen half the class, so who knows about the 1 class she said she didn’t know anyone.

It’s a relief to get her first few days behind us.

Today is my D’s first full day of school. Such a difficult way to start high school, but hopeful that she and all of the class of 2024 will have a good freshman year!

D24 is currently starting her freshman year online. It is definitely a different experience than her sister D20 had as a freshman. So far she’s doing well online (we are 1 month into the school year). She may be heading to hybrid format soon with 1/3 of students in the classroom at a given time if our county can keep their infection rate down. Fingers crossed!

D24 is a freshman at a private high school in Memphis. D22 is a junior there as well. They have both been attending in person this year for about a month. The school has moved to two (2) three (3) hour classes per day on a seven (7) period rotating schedule with social distancing and required masks. There is an online option if you want it. It is working well so far. The statistics for the school show approximately 25% of the students in the K-12 school are online. It is an IB school and my daughter is planning on pursuing the IB diploma (my son is working on his).

D24 is running cross country. She is a certified diver (19 dives so far) and loves art. She is, perhaps, the biggest Stitch fan (Lilo and Stitch) in the world. She wants to be an engineer and is seriously thinking about naval architecture and marine engineering (how she got that from Memphis, I have no clue).

D24 has been a bit anxious about this unusual start to high school, but today she learned that she earned a spot on Student Council! So great to see her so proud and excited. I continue to hope for as smooth a year as possible for all of the Class of 2024!

Checking in after dusting off my account for the first time in a long while! My 2 kids were born 7.5 years apart and have completely different talents/interests so I feel like I am signing on for round 2 as a mentor yet feel like I need to go to college confidential boot camp all over again! My first born is an artsy introvert (starting his senior year at Lawrence University now) and my class of 24 son is a people person who loves STEM! I know absolutely nothing about big tech schools. Here we go!

I hope the year is going well. D24 seems to enjoy her classes quite a bit and she really likes seeing her friends again! Clubs are finally allowed to meet, so she is going to look into joining a couple of them.

Wow! I didn’t realize these threads started so early. Now that I’ve got S20 off and doing well, I guess it doesn’t hurt to tinker with very (too?) early possibilities for D24.

My guess now is she’ll prefer a smaller school, likely a LAC. Fortunately, we have a fine public LAC in UNC-Asheville, and that should provide a great safety for her.

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Hi moms coming back to cc after 4 years (my daughter is a freshman in Hs and my son is a senior in college who will be a
graduating next year) to join this thread and things have changed so much! How do I join this thread?

In the thick of the college “season” with D21 but wanted this thread to show up in my ‘suggested’ list so wanted to do a first post. D24 is starting strong, so we’ll see how things transpire! She just got the PSAT 8/9 back and scored at the top, so here’s hoping we can keep her up there for the next two years when it really counts! She’s also pretty serious with her sport right now so looking for these first few years to show us whether that is something she is able and wants to pursue at the college level before we start to think about schools. We have learned with D21, our oldest, and look forward to doing these differently with D24!

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Hi everyone, is there room for one more?

I was so emotionally invested and involved in making sure my D20 had a strong HS experience and was a well-prepared applicant for college that once she “crossed the finish line” I have to admit to feeling a bit exhausted and not quite ready to start it all over again with D24. But, I’m here now :smiley:

My D is, like so many, having a very atypical start to HS. She is actually fully-remote, even though her school is operating on a hybrid schedule. To that end, it has been hard to feel like she’s really in school, in some ways.

Academically, she’s off to a good start, though she is a really, really smart kid who could be at the top of the pile if she was motivated (she’s not). She played on the school tennis team, but other than that, I’m not sure I foresee much club/sport involvement for the rest of this year, as clubs are meeting in-person, indoors, and that’s not something we’re comfortable with her doing right now. She does have a consistent volunteer commitment, one that she should be able to easily continue throughout her 4 years.

She’s a very different kid than my D20, and while I think I did a good job of guiding D20 through it all to a good outcome (happy at her chosen college), I’m not sure the methods I used with her are applicable to D24. Two totally different kids. It will be an interesting ride, I’m sure.

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Hello everyone!

I have a S24. Thankfully first semester of high school went well and even with 2 weeks in quarantine finished with a 4.0 It was very touchy for a bit. LOL

He is my 3rd going through the process. I have a D18 and a S20 (high school years)

I am looking forward to getting to know you all.

Edit to add He is attending in person school.

Hello! Taking a break from S21 activities. He just finished applying to colleges so we wait. D24 has been in virtual schooling. We are from NorCal. I’m honestly looking forward to seeing D24 progress. She’s my low maintenance and independent kiddo. I think she was meant for virtual schooling!

Hello! I have D22 and D24, both in a small traditional school which was in person for the most of the fall. We’re looking in to a busy year with D22 from which we’ll learn for D24 and report here. Look forward taking this journey with you all.

@MommaLue , I saw your post at the '21 group thinking of popping up in '22. Please help us in '22 and then at '24!

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My one advice and I wished, wished I had known…some scholarships have early deadlines. Plan for 10/1/21 to submit. Go to ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ to check the deadlines so you can get a feel.

Google your D22 top school list and jot down their essay questions. Common App questions haven’t changed much.

The other advice and even for our D24/S24 kids, start an activity list. Name of org, what role your kiddo played, hour per week, week per year they spent on it. That will save you time with common app and UC. Use action words. They will ask you to itemize, put hours spent, brief description. That was painful for S21 as he had to recall.

I’ll be more helpful with Class of 22 once we get thru March. We all need help us parents and there is joy in helping each other. It’s us, our kids, vs the institutions that wield a lot of power.

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I guess I can’t type in the website. It’s scholarships dot com :slight_smile: