Parents of the HS Class of 2024

Is it realistic to hope the 2024 Reunion tour is better than the original?

We are challenged to find ways to keep D24 busy, and she does better when busy. So far, a mix of virtual and in person camps and some family trips is all that is scheduled. Unfortunately, all of the volunteer opportunities in equine and animals require you to be 16. Still looking for possible camp counselor volunteer options, something might open up as CA starts to re-open.

@parentkeith There is a tutoring thing that D24’s friend is leading and it virtual. See if there’s anything in the area. If you want to join the one we know of, let me know. I can send the link. They could do virtual sessions. My daughter led a virtual soccer skill clinic for our neighborhood kids last year and got an assistant soccer coach job in the Fall.

D24 applied to the Berkeley virtual free program, which is available to young women and URM but I feel like it’s a college thing and is selective so we prob won’t get in. We got summer school PE because D24 is in an academy at school so she needs the space. Not sure if we will do the district in-person program or virtual since she has to be selected.

For Californians, do you guys know about Options for Youth? Our counselor suggested it to D24 since it’s virtual and if she took ti this and next summer, she would get 1 years worth of PE credit. Counselor signed her up in case she doesn’t get into the district PE class. The district PE runs for the month of June and if she takes AM and PM sessions, it’s a years worth of PE.

D24 is going to be vaccinated by 6/2 and fully reading to mingle 6/17 so I’m going to see if she can get a couple of job shadow gigs. But she’s in year-round club soccer.

My D is heading to Ojai CA for a month to hike and ride horses. She’s so excited! An old friend lives there and is taking care of everything. Woot!

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I’m not sure it will be any less stressful with D24 since she is really into choir and musical theater and will probably audition in the mix. I’m told on CC to get professional help with that. I’m hoping that talent makes up for the fact that she will likely do the minimum community service hours and take fewer college level courses. She’s wicked smart this one but her math testing may not be too advanced. The botched roll out of common core on this class during math facts stage was a real bummer and she doesn’t love math. Doesn’t particularly like thinking about the future. Also have concerns since at public school parents are not invited to help make the schedule / 4 year plan and she has a lot of electives with competitive choir and MT. I guess it will all work out.

Does she want to major in MT or have it as an EC?

Not sure just yet. Acting is the weaker leg so far Of the three but her high school program is truly amazing. If not MT then English or Graphic Art. Language arts off the charts. Math lower advanced so she might actually benefit from test optional or blind. Probably won’t be inclined to do a lot of test prep but sometimes she surprises me. So far she’s had some music theory but prefers to do things her way on piano and guitar.

Speaking of test optional and test blind… It looks like California publics will be test blind for our kids.

Blockquote The newly announced settlement says that no University of California schools can consider SAT or ACT scores in determining admission offers for students applying for entry between fall 2021 and spring 2025. If scores are submitted by students, they will not be viewed by those looking over admissions applications, the settlement said.

I just don’t want a separate test for CA for 2024 kids! That’s two tests to study for, too.


Arm wrestling going on with UC OOS numbers.


As long as there is a sustainable plan to support the budget, I’m for this. They can’t start raising in-state tuition because then that would decrease the affordability for many kids who normally could afford a UC.

As for the diversity of view issue, CA is diverse as it is and TBH, if you’re in STEM fields where the SAME course curriculum has been taught since I was an engineer (I helped put together 4-yr plan reco for the kids and sure enough, same classes, just different class title at UCSD vs UCLA vs UW). I mean, F=ma, material balance are not going to require different thoughts. Maybe shift the OOS/Intl kids number to majors that benefit from diversity of thought.

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Our OOS HS has a solid number of acceptances to Cal and UCLA. I’d say the odds are better from here vs most instate high schools. The thing is the UCs grab some really smart kids from here that generally stay after graduating. Not a bad thing to import smart kids.

On the flipside, I do get that instate kids would like those spots.

It seems like the State of California needs to get back to investing in their flagships and grow enrollment.


I really like that they are talking about spreading out the internationals/oos among all UC campuses to 10%.

Checking back in here, now on the other side of D21’s experience (but also not feeling completely settled in how that worked out for her and starting to ponder what/how to do differently for our second rodeo) and wondering just how boisterous I can muster jumping back in the saddle for D24. She is finishing freshman year academically strong but her ECs are lacking and she has no service/volunteerism (most of that is because of covid restrictions but I do wonder if the impacts of covid will be long forgotten when she applies and so it will not be easily “looked past”).


Very excited to be on this rodeo with my D24. I love gathering information to assist in guiding my D24 to a successful graduation and spring board to her next phase.

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First time at the rodeo?

Indeed. I don’t have any other children. So this will be my first experience getting a child through high school to college.

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I think I’ll feel settled once I move in S21! Have to submit a bunch of paperwork for college enrollment this month and the second meningitis B shot in a couple of days for him and we will have a complete vax record to submit.

D24 had a great freshman year academically and I think EC-wise. During COVID break she taught community (virtual) soccer, which turned into a job as an assistant coach to a U9 boys rec soccer team. She had comp soccer once the tier eased up in NorCal and made the JV soccer team. She got a hold of a volunteer job at a non-profit, tagging on to her brother’s volunteer job and ended up helping to manage the foundation donor database and writing their letters to donors. Through the same group, she got to volunteer at COVID vax clinic, which was cool. The one thing COVID interfered with was job shadowing that kids in her Biomed academy used to be able to apply to and participate. I think we will ask our pediatrician if she can job shadow this summer once done with summer school.

Compared to S21, she’s actually pacing better than where he was as a freshman.


Mine has two weeks off before her performance camp starts and is complaining about the one AP class on her schedule next year. I said you are talented and have good grades but you better step up sis! :wink:. The Cit options for younger drama and music camps are not happening even though we are exiting pandemic rules. That’s a bummer.

My mind is boggled at how your kiddos have such different paths!

I’m not stressed and it worries me I’m not even that worried with D24? It’s always like this where the first one sucks up all of my sweat and tears, I swear!

Very different kiddos for sure. I need to learn about musical theater admissions though it remains to be seen if she will apply that major. She will be much more driving the train anyway I just need to keep her from derailing.

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