parents visiting

<p>Hey, my parents are planning to visit me in a few weeks, where can they park or get an all-day pass? I'm in De Neve. And how much does it cost?</p>

<p>A day pass is $8. They can get one in lot 4 or at the turnaround on westwood blvd near the ackerman turnaround. </p>

<p>All of this is on the parking services website.</p>

<p>$8. parking services booth on westwood blvd or entrance of lot 4 (not sure on that one). i think they can park in lot 4 or 7.</p>

<p>man, i'm slow. :(</p>


<p>If a visitor arrives sometime after 10, where do they park since most of the booths are closed by then? (Preferably in a lot relatively close to the dorms)</p>

<p>they would park in lot 11 and it shouldnt be enforced at that time..
although i think the old rule of not being enforced after 7 pm (or 9 pm depending who you hear it from) is over. i saw parking enforcement out at 11 pm on a sunday</p>

<p>I like how they "improved" the quality of dining hall foods since the parents came. :)</p>

<p>yeah covel last nigght was AMAZING... like a true restaurant lol</p>