party school

<p>hey, i just toured the campus. it seems that u miami has alot of precautions about alcihol getting onto campus, well i mean into dorms, its not a dry campus. do freshmen manage to get it into dorms and are there parties on campus. what is the partying like on and off campus.</p>

<p>I'm on a substance free floor. Everything they tell you about alcohol is bs. There's alcohol on ALL the floors, including the substance free floors...... and people are out getting wasted either at parties or in their dorm rooms almost constantly. What really ****es me off is that the R.A.s don't do anything about it, they just look the other way. Everything they tell you on the lil tour is for parents'..... so if you like to get drunk, you won't have a problem.</p>

<p>ok, i thought so! on the tour they said that they dont let any alc in the dorms and you are checked as you walk in and i thought to myself that i know that people will find a way around this</p>

<p>From what I am hearing from S, much of the partying is done off campus or at Frat parties. However, I think that if someone wants to do something, they will find a way.</p>

<p>Those who want to find the parties can, as with any campus, but that is certainly not to say there aren't a vast majority of people who arent out there partying all the time. Those of us who don't spend the weekends at a party have plenty of other options available to have fun.</p>

<p>just visited and found that I could really pick and choose. There were certainly parties going on, with lots of drinking, but there were also groups of people going out to do other things, or just hanging out in their rooms talking, playing board games, etc.</p>