Paying with loans?

<p>I'm paying for my UCLA tuition through loans. All of it is being paid through loans. I looked at what I owe for my BAR account and it said 10,000 but I can make a maximum credit card payment of 8,000. When aid is distributed, will my loans pay this 8,000 off or do I pay for the 8,000 now and get reimbursed when the financial aid refunds are sent out? I'm really confused, so any help is appreciated! Thank you!</p>

<p>Your financial aid will be put towards your balance.</p>

<p>Great, thanks!</p>

<p>hey was wondering how do you get the loan in the first place. my parents originally were going to pay but they need the money right now for something else and so they asked me to take a loan for the next two years. does anybody know what i need to do? </p>

<p>just call the financial aid office and talk ask them about how i need to do this? (btw how soon do i need to do all this).</p>

<p>now! there is so much involved with the financial aid process that I would advise you go to the office right now and figure out what you need to do.</p>

<p>to get a private loan or even the federal loans, u gunna need to pick a lender, so first choose with bank u want for your lender, some are bank of america, discover, and wells fargo</p>