@PengsPhils (or anyone else in the know) I have a housing selection question...

What are the odds of a rising second year with a selection of 58XX of getting a 3 person apartment in West Village?

No idea, sorry :confused: I’ve been off campus (Symphony area) for 3 years now.

As far as I know, no one here (or on any online forum I know of) has documented the upperclassmen housing process well enough to have any sort of predictive knowledge. It also is highly dependent on how Northeastern allocates housing for each stage of the process (2nd years pull from a different pool than 3-5, possibly with more pools within that) and that changes every year and is not publicly viewable. That’s a big reason why no one has documented it, as it may be useless the next year anyways.

Generally, the best approach seems to be:

  1. Make sure your group is ready and set up early and everyone is on the same page
  2. Have plans A-Z ready, not just A and B. That includes plans for if 3/4/5 person apartments run. Generally 4 person apartments are far more common than 2/3/5/6, with 3/5 being more common than 2/6.
  3. Check availability frequently as people select housing

Good luck!

Thanks. It will be what it will be. I am just hoping he gets decent apartment style housing so we can get him off the meal plan.

@bethanylm291 with that low second year number, they should absolutely be able to get great housing and off meal plan, but they need to be strategic. As @PengsPhils says, apartments for 3 are less common, so maybe it is better that they look at other options and have alternative plans with a foursome, etc. they should have some done some preparations to see what buildings are open with the alignments they are interested in, etc. then things will fall into place.