Penn LPS Acceptance rate

<p>Hey guys does any one know the acceptance rate for Penn LPS program or how hard it is to get into. Apparently you graduate with the same exact degree and a regular penn student which is awesome.</p>

<p>^ It’s about the same as the Columbia General Studies Program acceptance rate, and you don’t get the same degree, the LPS program is mentioned on it, in the same way that the Columbia General Studies Program is mentioned on its degree.</p>

<p>No- I called them up and the LPS admissions officer says you graduate with same exact degree as regular penn students- and it even says it right here- [FAQ</a> | Penn LPS](<a href=“]FAQ”></p>

<p>Well that’s pretty weird, since apparently you can also get the same Columbia Degree from doing Columbia General Studies, or other non-traditional programs such as the ones at Brown and Yale etc.</p>

<p>There all different. The one at Columbia you graduate with a degree from GS, so it is different. Penn seems to be the only school where the degrees are identical.</p>

<p>“Hey guys does any one know the acceptance rate for Penn LPS program”</p>

<p>Had to bring this thread back from the grave.</p>


<p>Is there any acceptance or rejection GPAs, out there? I am curious as to what the standards are for this school besides what is stated in their website.</p>


<p>Still have not seen any acceptance numbers on LPS.</p>


<p>I was accepted to LPS with a 3.9 GPA from a combination of community college and other undergraduate work. My high school GPA was not very good, and I have a GED.</p>

<p>My essays and letters of recommendation were very good.</p>

<p>I have a quick question, I’m under 21 and I do have some undergraduate credits plus I had a pretty good gpa in high school and I plan to take clep exams. I know that I have to call to set up and interiew before I send in my application but I’m worried that they’ll just tell me to stay in school for another year or two until I get some more credits. But I would love to ge t accepted. So does anyone think that I could get in?</p>

<p>I am currently enrolled in the program. An interview is only set up after they consider you for acceptance and it is not mandatory. The interview process you are talking about is the open Wed or Thurs possibly where you can attend Upenn and ask questions? It all varies for acceptance though. I had a 3.67 gpa from CCP, which does not really mean much because of the lack of education that is provided at the school. I did have a senior professor that I was able to mentor and a previous Upenn professor write my recommendations which may of helped. I was accepted provisionally within a week of them seeing my transcripts and 2 days after the interview. Hopefully this helps.</p>

<p>I have 3.8 from the UoP, I know that I can get good recommendations but the largest issue I have is that I’m under their preferred age of 21. Last time I called an advisor told me to get some more college experience which I have, but I am still worried that I will get brushed off or they will tell me to wait until I turn 21.</p>

<p>Penn does not give any credit for CLEP examinations and does not even look at them.</p>

<p>Actually one school at Penn does accept CLEP examinations but thank you for the insight.</p>

<p>Well, LPS does not, and this thread is about LPS.</p>

<p>Like I said before thank you for the clear insight into my problem.</p>

<p>My problem or rather issue is much larger than a CLEP exam if you did not realize it, and whether LPS accepted them or not is highly irrelevant in the scheme of things since the exams were meant to be as you would say “the frosting on the cake” for my application.</p>

<p>I’m not trying to be rude or disrespectful to you and I’m extremely happy that you were accepted into the LPS program, which I’m also trying to get accepted to but I clearly have more roadblocks to hurdle in order to get accepted which is why I’m asking for help. I called and the advisors are telling me one thing while the website says another so I’m a tad on edge at the moment.</p>

<p>The program is designed for adult non-traditional students. If you are younger than 21, I recommend working, as well as going to community college and getting good grades. After you are 21, you can apply to the program. If you did well in school, write good essays, and get good letters of recommendation, you will get in.</p>

<p>Or, if you want to go to Penn now, why not apply to UPenn CAS as a traditional transfer student?</p>

<p>I just had my heart set on Penn and to be particularly honest, I feel like I’m learning nothing at my community college now. I’ve been working for about 4 years and I just prefer the rolling basis on which applications are accepted in LPS as opposed to one set date to apply to UPenn CAS. On top of that I’m willing to be a part-time student until I’m 21. But I just feel like if I stay at my current community college, I’m basically just wasting my time. The classes aren’t taught that well and they don’t even have the majors that I’m interested in.</p>