Penn State vs. Rowan

<p>Hi im a NJ senior in highschool. Ive been accepted to Rowan University as a Biology major with a small scholarship. Ive also been accepted to Penn State- University Park, to the school of Health and Human Development as a nutrition sciences major.
Im not 100% sure but I am very interested in going Medical School after undergrad. That might change after I take a few college classes and realize its maybe not for me.
I kind of slacked in highschool and got a 3.35 and a 1920. But in college I WILL work REALLY hard and try my best to achieve a high GPA. Even though Im a bit confused about what I will end up studying, I am ambitious and also want to have a high paying career. </p>

<p>Which one would u go to?
Does the name of the institution matter?
Pros & Cons? </p>

<p>THANK YOU so much for taking the time to give your input/opinions!!
:D </p>

<p>what’s the net price of each for you? if not pre-med then what other fields interest you? the only thing that matters SHOULD you apply to med school is how much debt have you racked up as an u/g and what your GPA is when you graduate. will you do your best work at PSU or Rowan? the name matters not a lick to med schools, but you might not go to med school. So which offers the most other likely opportunities if you don’t go to med school? </p>

<p>Penn State is a much better school than Rowan, BUT it’s likely to be very, very expensive and the difference in cost is not worth it unless your parents have the difference in an account dedicated to your education. It’s not worth it for them to add to the $5,500 loans to which you’re entitled.</p>

<p>I think penn state is better. I feel Rowan is only good for chemical engineering. </p>

<p>Penn State is probably the better-reputed university. But Rowan is a good place to go and likely to be much more cost-effective for an NJ resident. Where you go to college does matter somewhat, but not in the prestige-obsessed way people usually assume: most students can be happy and grow where they are planted, and you can certainly go to medical school or do a wide range of pretty much anything from Rowan if you position yourself right.</p>

<p>Have you applied to any other NJ public universities?</p>