Penn The College: Majors

<p>Hey all,</p>

<p>I'm aiming to transfer to Penn next fall. Just going through the list of majors offered at the College. Anyone can offer some insights on the majors: Health and Society & Biological Basis of Behavior?</p>

<p>I'm a premed student at NYU (freshman) and would like to pursue a life science major.</p>


<p>why do u wanna transfer?</p>

<p>one of my friends is in BBB. he takes an eclectic mix of classes. he has bio labs as well as some kind of animal behavior course, where he said they used game theory to show how squirrels make decisions regarding acorns or something.</p>

<p>I wanna transfer because I always wanted to go to Penn. I didn't apply at first because of financial issues, but now that's no longer an issue. Academically, NYU is okay, but I just feel like it doesn't have much to offer. Campus is also another issue. </p>

<p>THere are others but I won't go into it because I'm only going to ramble on and on.</p>