people who got into top colleges, how many SAT SUBJECTS did you take

<p>I took Japanese w/ listening, got 790.
going to take Math II and Biology.
that's total of three, which meets the requirements for most colleges,
but one of my teachers told me that in order to get into top colleges/universities,
they want to see about 5.
plus. most schools knows that for native speakers, the japanese/chinese/korean tests are EASY.
I want to take literature and Latin to make five tests.</p>

<p>But i was wondering
for people who got accepted to good schools, how many subject tests did you take??</p>

<p>anyone know how high the curves for latin or literature tests are usually?
I get around 700 for SAT Reasoning test critical reading, and I'm taking third year latin with all A's so far. will i be okay taking these?</p>

<p>I took none. :)
I think 5 is a little excessive.</p>

<p>your teacher was mistaken, they only look at 3 tops (Harvard, Princeton), 2 for some, and a lot don't even look or they are optional.</p>

<p>tyler is right. You only need to take 3. If you want, take 4 if you're afraid that your language subject test may hurt.</p>

<p>You need to take only the number required which is two at most that require them and three for a few. Large misconception on teacher's part that taking a lot more will raise chances of admission. However, there can be a reason to take more -- if you score poorly on one, you may take another to make up for it because majority of colleges that require SAT IIs will use your two (or three if three required) highest scores to evaluate admission.</p>

<p>Maybe the teacher was confusing SAT Subject Tests with AP's?</p>

<p>Note that Latin is offered only in June and December. With regard to your main question, yeah, what the other posters said. If colleges wanted to see more than two or three subject tests, they'd require more than two or three.</p>

<p>I took 9 subject tests, all 800s and one 780
But I'm going to Harvard, probably most schools wouldn't need all that</p>

<p>Nine? Lol that's crazy
Which subjects did u take</p>

<p>I think 5 or more is required for homeschooled students?</p>

<p>But 9 is crazy.</p>

<p>Nope, three is plenty, unless you are homeschooled and want to prove your curriculum covered the basics. Mathson took four (Math1 and 2, US History and Physics) He shouldn't have bothered with Math 1.</p>

<p>3 is the most required for any U.S. University</p>

<p>I got into Columbia with only two subject tests (Literature and Math II). Its the base requirement of Ivies that you take at least 2 - ususally one humanity and one science/math if you're going into a general degree. 5 is a llttle excessive. And the curve for Literature is very thin - its largely regarded the hardest Subject test to take.</p>

<p>I don't really know why, but I took 5. Bio, Chem, Physics, Chinese, and MathIIC.
I think it was because it felt like a waste to study for the AP and not take the SATII and get a good score for the sciences.
The Chinese was so I could feel like my years and years of Chinese school were for a reason.
And Math..well. It's math.</p>