<p>Is there any way to figure out what percentile you are based on the new SAT scores? I assume a 1990 isn't 1990/2400=85th-ish, can you find it out now or do you have to wait till the scores get mailed?</p>

<p>This from a post I made ealier today:</p>

<p>I called and got the scores because they wouldn't come up on the orgainizer. Got the percentiles as well.
CR - 700 - 94%
M - 720 - 96%
W - 710
Essay 12
MC 68</p>

<p>Does anyone know the percentiles for composite scores?</p>

<p>What would the lowest score be to achieve 99th percetile? (98th? 97th?)</p>


<p>You probably will not see a percentile for composite until about October. The College Board will be giving percentiles for math and critical reading, but it said it is not likely to release percentiles for writing and composite until after the October test date because it wants the results of several tests before designating percentiles on the writing section. In other words, you will all be wondering until October what your overall percentile ranking is.</p>