Performance of past hs grads matters in admission decision?

<p>Does anyone know for sure if colleges "specifically" take into account the performance of prior grads from a high school in rating the applications of candidates from the same high school in subequent years? For example, if recent grads from ABC high school tend to do very well after being admitted to XYZ college, then XYZ college will give a "positive weighting" to future applications from ABC high school. While it sounds logical on one hand, it has some possible perverse implications on the other hand (i.e., an applicant is given a positive or negative weighting based on the performance of his/her predecessors). I feel sure that colleges do this informally, since human beings are involved in admission decisions, but again, is it acknowledged, and done specifically by colleges?</p>

<p>That's a good question. I'm not an adcom so I don't know the answer, but I've always assumed that this might be the case, especially in instances where a kid gets admitted to some top college that no one from that high school has gotten into in recent memory. It seems reasonable that, when applicant #2 comes along a year or two later, the college might look and see how student #1 is doing - not to make or break the deal, but as another data point help discern how well that high school is doing in preparing its kids for the academic rigors of a selective college.</p>

<p>The association of high schools with certain colleges definitely exists, but I doubt the performance of prior grads is the major factor here. Many schools publish matriculation lists and colleges probably have an access to such information from any school. If a school sends its grads to top-colleges every year, this should tell other colleges that the grads are doing well in competitive environment. So it is hard to see any logic in this. For example, applicants from my school have NEVER gone to Swarthmore, while regularly accepted to Yale, Williams, Amherst, Brown, Dartmouth.</p>

Sorry, I don't understand your post. How is your "for example" relevant to the question as to whether Yale looks at the Yale performance of enrollees from your high school in prior years in making a decision on your Yale admission application this year? We of course realize that it is not a major factor, only whether it is even considered.</p>

<p>I think that they look at past hs grads in your school only if your school sends a large number of apps to that college, or if very few people have ever applied to that college. If very few people from your high school has ever applied to a specific college, (u'll be surprised, ask your college counselors in hs) u will have a great chance to be accepted. If your hs always has an X number of students going to a certain college, then of course u know they do have a quota for your school.</p>

My point is that if the grads from my school are good enough to be regularly admitted to Yale, Willimas etc., there is no reason for Swarthmore to have any doubts in their ability to do well in Swarthmore. Yet they always reject our top applicants. So I think other factors than their concern about students' performance should be in play. </p>

On the contrary, our college counselors dissuade students from applying to colleges that are known for not accepting applicants from our school.</p>

<p>My former guidance counselor was a big believer that having a strong student from your high school was a big plus in the admissions process. Many people believe that the past matriculation rate of students from a high school has an effect on the admissions rate.</p>

<p>i was talking about applying to colleges, not admissions to colleges, u need to read what i wrote instead of just glancing.</p>

<p>and the difference is?</p>



<p>No ppl from our school apply to Swarthmore, cause they know they will be rejected. Yet every 2nd or 3d year somebody wants to try his/her luck, applies, and yes, gets rejected.</p>

<p>Yes, my school is dealing with the punishment for past grads right now.....stupid Harvard.</p>

<p>Our local high school gets its top kids into Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, and MIT - a few each year. But no Yale. Many have tried but no one in the living memory of the school has solved the Yale riddle.</p>

<p>But this is a rather different scenario that what the OP was asking about --> do the colleges consider the success, or lack thereof, of their current students who came from a given high school when evaluating new applicants from the same school?</p>

<p>I don't know the answer, but I'm guessing that they probably do. It's not like a selective school to pass up a data point.</p>

<p>1 person apply to vanderbilt from my new york high school every two years, and according to my counselor no one was ever rejected.</p>