Perspectives on Rice, Emory, CMU and Harvey Mudd

<p>We are in the process of finalizing our college short list for DD, who is a rising junior from a reasonably competitive high school in Texas. She is currently ranked 6th in a class of ~750, with a 4.0 (uw) / 5.5 (w) GPA. Her junior year course load includes AP Calc AB, pre-AP Physics, AP English III, AP Spanish IV, AP US History, Astronomy and Pathophysiology. Next year's planned course load includes AP Stat, AP Biology, AP English IV, AP Gov/Econ, and Honors Anatomy/Physiology.</p>

<p>Her ECs include eczema related research, Indian classical dance, Western and Indian classical vocal music, volunteering at the local children's hospital, and membership in the standard suite of honor societies and clubs.</p>

<p>She is interested in studying something that combines biology and medicine, e.g., an undergrad degree in biology followed by a graduate degree in biomedical sciences.</p>

<p>Leading college choices at the moment are small, diverse universities such as Rice and Emory, as well as more "techie" alternatives such as CMU and Harvey Mudd.</p>

<p>I am looking for some parental perspective and/or experience about these colleges - especially as it relates to females interested in life sciences and possibly graduate school. Any insights, thoughts, advice, etc. would be appreciated.</p>