petition to start a new acronym: COHYP!

<p>Cambridge, Oxford, Harvard, Yale, Princeton</p>

<p>Who's with me? :D</p>

<p>Now, we can have HYPMS and COHYP!</p>

<p>We LOVE acronyms!</p>

<p>Eh... 98 out of 100 American CC'ers will not be able to accurately tell you how to get into Oxbridge. </p>

<p>It's more about relevancy rather than sheer prestige.</p>

<p>You're annoying.</p>

<p>No I'm not</p>


<p>Nope, I disagree because no one can remember that.</p>

<p>HYPMS is often used because there are several people who apply to all five.</p>

<p>There are people who just apply to HYP. There are those that apply to a subset of those.</p>

<p>Relatively speaking, however, there are very few people who would consider Cambridge / Oxford in the same grouping. They're just "international" universities that are most often out of consideration.</p>

<p>Trust me. You are annoying.</p>