Pg 217 essay

<p>Anyone willing to read mine? please help</p>

<p>i will pm me</p>

<p>sure, dawg drop it like it's hawt</p>


<p>hit me .</p>

<p>same here-i'll be happy to read it as well!!</p>

<p>Sure, PM it</p>

<p>pm it...i will help out!</p>

<p>sure, pm me</p>

<p>me too, pm me</p>

<p>i'll look at it</p>

<p>i'll read, pm me</p>

<p>sure - pm me</p>

<p>sure. i'll comment</p>

<p>I'll read it. Please PM me.</p>

<p>you can pm me too if you want another reader.</p>