PharmD/JD and MD/MBA

I’ve heard of these programs, most recently the PharmD/JD and am wondering what these programs entail. I am very interested in medicine and science, but I am also attracted to the humanities and law. The PharmD/JD seems interesting, as it combines pharmacy and law into one program. Does anyone here know anything about the program, like what schools offer them, the competition in admissions, as well as possible careers for graduates? MD/MBA and MD/JD programs are also interesting, so any information about that would also be greatly appreciated. Thanks alot.

<p>Check out the pharmacy trade association websites -- google it to find them -- and then surf to see if they sponsor an honorary fraternity on any campuses and to see what schools the board of directors graduated from. That might help --</p>

<p>bump, anyone else? I'm also looking at MD/JD programs.</p>

<p>Although I've only researched pharm schools in california because thats where i live, i know of two schools. Universitiy of the Pacific has a PharmD/MBA program. USC has a lot. They have a PharmD/JD, PharmD/MBA, PharmD/MS in Gerontology, and a whole bunch of PharmD/PhD options.</p>