Phillips Exeter Academy Application Process/Interview Advice

I am interviewing at PEA in the near future, and I would love to learn more about what makes the school special, unique, and a great school to go to. Calling all alumni, students, teachers, and parents, any information helps! What I know so far is that the campus is beautiful, there are tons of new/renovated pristine buildings, they use the Harkness, and there is an extreme emphasis on academics, and they have insane sports teams. Thanks!

Depending on which teams they are definitely not all “insane”. Some aRe pretty poor in fact so make sure you research the past couple years of whatever sport you’re interested in so you don’t talk about how great they are and the team has finished bottom of the league.

It is very large - I felt badly for the kids when we played them - it seemed like 3 miles from the fields back to their dorms. Prepare for needing a bike to get around.

Exeter the town is soooooo cute! Great little town.

I love your enthusiasm for preparing for interviews. I might start by spending some time on their website — there is a lot there. And then maybe share what you think is special, and then you can ask specific questions about PEA and others can comment and add insight more specifically and helpfully. Saying “hey tell me what is special before I go into an interview” is perhaps denying yourself the opportunity to do the work yourself of discovering, really and truly, what YOU find wonderful about the school. Get to the heart of why you are applying. Tossing your “WHY” to crowdsourcing seems like a missed opportunity to me. (And, if you were my child, I would say: do the work first before you ask others to do it. But now I’m letting my mom flag fly!). Glad your other interview went well BTW! I’m eager to follow your successes!

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Tossing your “WHY” to crowdsourcing seems like a missed opportunity to me.

You make a good point. I will continue to do my own research on top of your input and @one1ofeach 's.


Did you read my other thread? thx for being supportive

@Maxington, good luck on your interview. For our family, (3 PEA grads) the most special thing about PEA is the people. The ability to form deep relationships with peers from around the globe that bring unique passion and backgrounds to the Harkness table was priceless. In addition, the opportunity to get to know and love really cool humans that are the faculty, alum and professors was a gift.
For our kids, none of the sports teams, facilities or campus mattered in the end. It was all about the people and unique opportunities (studying in the Bahamas, shooting a document in the Philippines, spending so much time with classmates in New York adventures, studying in St Petersburg, Russia etc…) they were given while at PEA.

@Maxington More of a side note/tip, so if you are interviewing on campus at PEA, it is casual dress there. My DS went the (new) shirt and tie route. So he was more dressed up vs the students and tour guides to look respectful but was not over the top. IMO, the kids in the full suits (or full prep school blazer and red tie) looked nervous and not quite at ease. Of course, other parents may totally disagree with this advice. To me, it projected a different confidence and honesty…if that makes sense, vs. I am too dressed up and this is not really me at all.

That is actually a very clear memory from the waiting room at admissions. He did look slightly out of place (under-dressed vs the other hopefuls) but also looked at ease and ready to go hit the campus and interview.