<p>okay, so I want to self study physics C and I will also be taking the physics sat2... so, I only want to have to buy one book... should I buy a physics C book or a physics SAT book? And which ones are the best?</p>


<p>dude watch out
i took physics C mech and self-studied e&m
but when i took the sat2, there were topics from wave, optics, etc. that weren't covered in physics C
so you probably wanna prep for the exams separately</p>

<p>buy a general physics book. thatll be more helpful for the sat2. thats what i used</p>

<p>and also buy a physics c book. </p>

<p>so basically buy the "basic" and "advanced" physics books. make sure both have e+m and mech though.</p>

<p>I think Princeton's AP may be one of ur choices........covers both B&C, and I used the B section to study both SAT and AP....the only difference is that Phsyics B in AP version has more contents than the SAT book.</p>

<p>ah! that's a really good idea...thank you!!
everyone has given me wonderful suggestions! y'all are wonderful!</p>