picking a major

<p>on my freshman application to the UW it asked for a major you were interested in....</p>

<p>i don't really know my major so i just kinda of put whatever because it says they wont ask you to truly declare a major until later.....but now im kinda thinking i want to do a different major. does it affect me at all if i put down thw wrong major? like, i hear people posting about how they got accepted into say, "the school of business".....is that for undergraduates or for graduates? cause i want to get into the UW's med school but i didnt put a med major...</p>



<p>Well, usually colleges don't care what major you pick because undergrads tend to change their majors about five times. But if you want to go to med school, then pick some sort of science major! But if you're an undergrad, you still have four years to think about med school, so don't worry.</p>

<p>I think it's hard to change a major. Choose something uncommon that interests you.</p>

<p>it cant be that hard to change...the average student changes their major 4 times. and if they got accepted into the school of business its most likely a grad school</p>

<p>Usually, people encourage applicants to choose a peculiar major in order to increase the chances of getting in (because of the uncommon major), but if you did that, then you'd have to take a semester of that major and waste money, before you could change it. So pick wisely.</p>