Pitt or temple?

<p>I am unsure which one has a stronger foreign language program...I was going to do SPanish/portuguese but I realized that Temple has a certificate program for Spanish so I could actually gain fluency without majoring in the language and I could instead do German or Japanese or something, idk...The langugaes I am considering are:
French(not top of list, but is important for UN and Peace corps [africa])
Arabic/russian(not top of my list but seems interesting)
I am a woman so Arabic seems like it would put me into a sexist environment if I ended up working in the middle east</p>

<p>Is is best to be able to speak Spanish/portuguese/French or is it better to be able to speak very different languages? Temple has a arabic certificte...omg but Pitt has a great Spanish/Portuguese program(and German certificate plus great foreign language club)</p>

<p>Is it better to learn 3 different languages or languages that are all similar in geographic location...?</p>

<p>In general, Pitt has superior international/foreign studies/languages programs (it is one of the university's major strengths), but I can't answer your question on arabic.</p>