planning 4 future

<p>Im new 2 the thread so thanks to any1 who is willing to help. I am a junior in florida and I'm asian. I want 2 major in business but by the looks of it I have no chance of getting in the good colleges because from other posts u guyz are crazy having really good scores,gpa, and ecs. Can anyone give me advice of what to do for my last 2 yrs of highschool to get into some good buisness school such as NYU Stern Or Whartons Upenn.</p>

<p>Here are my stats GPA-3.5
1st SAT's this october did poorly planning to study extensively and hopefully improve. 510 V 690 M 540 W
Rank 22 out of about 550 in not so great Highschool had 1 guy go to MIT.
Taking 2 AP's this yr APES and APPsych also planning to take the APUSH test but not class becuzz school doesnt offer it but will pay for it n is expermenting by having after school seminars.</p>

<p>Because of family reasons I really never had the chance to join any clubs. I live with my cousin because my dad cannot support me and my mom died when i was little because of a disease. I had to take care of my cousins children while she worked for the first 2 yrs of HS. This year my aunt came back from China and she is taking care of them so I'll have a chance to join some clubs. I did about 120 hrs of volunteer work over the summer in the local library. I plan on going 4 the track team, volleyball team, and football team. What else do you guys suggest i do? Also maybe a internship over the summer once i get a car.</p>