Please chance me for JHU, Princeton, Duke

<p>So I am a rising senior in High School and I was wondering what my chances were for making it into these colleges: JHU, Princeton, Duke</p>

<p>Unweighted GPA: 4.0
Weighted GPA: 4.64
Class Rank: I don't know exactly but I would be surprised if I am not in the top 10 out of 400
SAT: 1930 (Probably won't bother sending this)
ACT: 34 composite
SAT II: Math 1- 780, Math 2- 800, Literature- 760
School: Generic public school, though we were ranked in the top 1600 in the U.S. by Newsweek apparently</p>

Cross Country 3 years
Varsity Tennis 3 years, Team Captain Junior year
Member of BBYO, a Jewish youth group
Member of NHS and Spanish Honors Society
Orchestra 6 years, but quit after freshman year
Volunteered as a tutor at my school for other students twice per week
(Probably other things that i can't/don't feel like thinking of right now, but this may be my weakest area)</p>

5 on U.S. Government exam
Will recieve scores for Calc AB, Physics C: Mechanics, English language, and World History in July</p>

<p>Senior schedule:
AP Calc BC
AP Bio
AP English lit
AP Spanish language
AP micro/macro economics
Comp sci 1 honors
Culinary science</p>


<p>Don't send your SAT Reasoning test. Your ACT is far better.</p>

<p>JHU: High match (I would take a science subject test as well.)
Duke: Low Reach
Princeton: Crapshoot for anyone</p>

<p>the problem with a subject test in a science is that this year I took Physics C:Mechanics (my school breaks physics into mechanics and E&M) and that did not prepare me at all for the subject test which covers much more than classical physics, and i have not taken any other AP science so I don't see how I could do very well on bio or chem...</p>