Please chance me on a variety of schools!

<p>Hi! </p>

<p>So I have a list of 7 schools I'm applying to currently and would love chances on as many as you can - I could try to chance back but I'm sure I'm not very good? </p>


<p>I'm planning to study international relations and gender studies. </p>

National Merit Semifinalist in Illinois (227 on PSAT)
35 ACT
800 US History Subject Test
760 Math II Subject Test
700 Literature Subject Test
Taking the SAT on Oct. 5 </p>

<p>My weighted GPA is a 4.56, UW is a 3.91 - school doesn't do rankings (GPAs put me above top 10%)
Classes this year are AP English Lit, AP Bio, AP European History, AP Statistics and AP Economics and I'll take 10 APs by the time I graduate (others are Psych, US History, Calc AB, Spanish and English Lang.) - have gotten a 5 on all previous AP tests</p>


<p>President of Model UN (very successful team, won many awards individually and as a team)
Founder and president of Feminist Club
President of Young Democrats
President of Philosophy Club
Had internship with State Representative this summer/this year
Participated in TABU trip - highly selective exchange trip to Northern Ireland through local Rotary club
Equestrian - not very competitive, but ride 4-5 times a week
Proficient in Spanish (participated in dual language since Kindergarten) - won Gold level award from National Spanish Exam two years in a row </p>

<p>If you need any more information, just ask - thank you!</p>

<p>Oh also for my ECs
I’ve been on Model UN and Philosophy Club for 4 years, Young Democrats last year and feminist club just this year, Equestrian has been for ~8 years. Thanks!</p>

<p>Oh! And I’m in my schools honor society and National Spanish honors society. I’ve had all As (if you include A-minuses) freshman through junior year. Finally, I think my essays and recommendations will be strong. Sorry for the disjointed nature of this post - I’m not very proficient with this site!</p>