Please Chance Me: Well-Rounded, But Is It Enough?

<p>Applying to: UCLA, UCB, UCSD, UCI, Wellesley College, Cornell University, USC, UPenn, Stanford, Dartmouth
Maybes (not sure yet): Scripps College, Pomona College, Occidential College</p>

<p>I come from a public school with the highest API score in its district and ranked 10th in its county.</p>

<p>Rank: 7/553</p>

<p>GPA (yeah, I don't really know which GPA colleges use)
Weighted (Academic GPA, which I assume to be 9-12): 4.12
Unweighted (" " 9-12): 3.76
Weighted (10-12): 4.17
Unweighted (10-12): 3.65</p>

<p>SAT I
CR: 630
M: 650
W: 800
Total: 2080</p>

BIO: 620
MATH II: 620
LIT: 640</p>

<p>ACT: 30</p>

<p>Senior Schedule:
AP Lit
AP Macro/Gov't
AP Calc AB
AP Bio
Painting/Drawing 1P

<p>AP Scores:
Euro - 5
Stats - 3
Physics - 3
Lang - 4
(Will be taking Lit, Macro, Gov't, Bio, Calc AB, Environ. Science, and Psych for a total 12 AP's)
-awarded AP Scholar with Distinction</p>

(Situation: I lived pretty far away from school my freshman and sophomore year so I wasn't allowed to join sports or clubs since no one could take me or drive me home from games, club activities, etc. I moved closer to school my sophomore year, but by then it was too late to join tennis.)</p>

<p>Sports: JV-Varsity Tennis (2 years; my main sport), Varsity Track (will be 2 years in the spring), Varsity Soccer (1 year)
Awards: (this is when I was in JV tennis) MVP JV Doubles Player, Captains Award</p>

<p>Clubs: NHS (2 years), CSF (3 years; Secretary), Red Cross (3 years), Recycle Club (2 years), Future Medical Leaders (1 year; quit Recycle to join FML which was created my senior year), Gay-Straight Alliance (2 years)</p>

<p>I am a QuestBridge Finalist (which is why I can afford to apply to a bunch of colleges from fee waivers). I have also applied for the College Prep Scholarship (which I received an invitation to go to a Stanford Conference).</p>

<p>My AP Lit teacher liked the first UC essay that I wrote (the world where you come from) and I've used it for UC and Common App. My second essay for UC is unique, but I'm not sure if it's as strong. I have teacher recommendations from math and English teachers (Alg. 2/Trig and AP Lang.); my math teacher knows me well and likes me, my English teacher is nice but doesn't know me as well. </p>

<p>As you can see, I'm pretty well-rounded (not boasting or anything), but I'm not impressive in any one area, which is what I'm worried about considering that people have told me colleges want to see what you are passionate about.</p>

<p>Nice EC's, and Nice Rank. But SAT II and SATI are on the low most of them are slightly high reach if not high reach</p>

<p>Yeahhh, I wasn't able to study much for them and I can't afford to take them again (ran out of fee waivers and too poor), so I have to leave them as they are. Thanks!</p>