Please Chance SCEA to Stanford

<p>Hi, I am a rising senior and I will be applying sigle choice early action to Stanford.
I will major in pure math or theoretical physics most likely.</p>

<p>-Unweighted GPA: 3.86, Weighted GPA: 4.36, Community College GPA: 4.0(only 4 classes).</p>

<p>-Class Rank: 23 in a class of 403.</p>

<p>-I have taken 9 ap exams and 7 of them are 5's(biology,calc bc,stats, psych, us history, physics b, physics c mechanics) and 2 are 4's(euro history, english language).
Senior year 1st semester schedule:
AP Lit(online), AP chem, orchestra, Hrs Spanish, Hrs Gov, AP microeconomics(online), AP enviromental(online), DFQ+Linear Algbera(both independent study using MIT's curiiculum), and Engineering Physics II(its like physicsC E&M only more in depth) in a CC. </p>

<p>2nd semester schedue: Modern Algebra(in university), Theoretical statistics(in university), either optics or intro to quantum(in university),AP Lit(online), AP chem, orchestra, Hrs Spanish, AP Gov, AP microeconomics(online) Also, I will probably get an associate's in applied science from the CC in may/june of next year(not sure if this affects admission chances).</p>

<p>-My SAT is 2110 (math 800, reading 630, writing 680) and my ACT is 30 (33 if suprescored)
so ill send the ACT because satnford superscores ACT's.</p>

<p>-SAT II's: Biology 660, Math1 750, US History 670, Math2 800, Hebrew 800, Physics 720( I mgiht retake physics and US history)</p>

<p>-EC's: I play violin in Youth Symphony, District Orchestra, and State Orchestra and have been tutoring kids on violin for free for 2 years. I play viola section leader in my school orchestra. President of ping pong club, where I started the first competitive team and hosted the first competition in my county. President and creator of math club next year, where I will prepare students for competition such as AMC, AIME, etc. VP in KCNCSY, an club for Jewish teens from all over the city and president of JSU, a school club for Jews.</p>

<p>-My main EC: President and creator of National Community Service Performers, a selective state organization for top high school musicians that I started in Kansas a year a go. But recently I have expanded into Missouri, and by October I will have more state chapters running in Michigan and Texas. By March I plan to have chapters in New Mexico and Colorado as well. We perform in retirement communities for free like 20-30 times a month(per state) and we perform for money at weddings/retaurants/events and donate the money to the arts. Our admission rate is 3 times lower than that of state orchestra, so it is pretty selective.</p>

<p>-Research: I have participated in a big-group research project in physics under a former stanford physics professor(it will be published soon).
I will attended SSP(summer science program, cosponsored by MIT and Caltech), where I did a group orbit determination project about astreoids, and an orbit integration project with the Colorado lunar institute.
Now Im doing an independent research project in Geothermal flow with SSP's academic director. My mentor has experience with siemens(he has won 1st place in the past) and expects my project to end up in top 10.
After that, I might another independent research in astrophysics.</p>

<p>-Employment-My only work is private violin lesson, which I started giving this year once a week.</p>

<p>-Honors/Awards- won 3rd in 2 national math competitions for 8-9 grades, 1s in a regional olympiad for 8-10 grades, and ranked 2nd in "kidomatica"(most selective math club in israel) for grades 8-12 in Israel when I was in 8th grade. 1st place in AMATYC( math competition for community colleges) in kansas, tied for 2nd in amatyc in central region and certificate for outstanding achievement on the national level, which i got junior year. Total of 12 medals on highest ranks in violin and viola solo/quartet festivals at district and state level. Got President's silver award for 200+ community service hours. AP national scholar.</p>

<p>-recs/essays- I will get recs from physics and Englsih teacher in september, a rec from SSP academic director(also my research mentor) and a rec from a former stanford professor that i did research with. Essay is about the cultural shock I experienced and how that resultd in insights that lead me to creating of NCSP. The essay is not about NCSP itself though.</p>

<p>-additional information: I moved to the US from Israel right before freshmen year and lived with grandparents who dont know english for 2 years, so I had to figure out all the papaers and fill those. Then my mom moved here and now I live with her. I speak English, Russian(my entire family is Russian) and Hebrew fluently; English is better than my Russian but worse than my Hebrew. </p>

<p>Thx for taking the time to chance me!</p>

<p>By the way, sorry for all my typing problmes, lol</p>

<p>Stanford SCEA is a really tough pool; people have been rejected from it and then admitted to every Ivy they applied to in RD. Your standardized test scores are low, but the fact that English is not in your native language mitigates that to some extent. Strong ECs. Just know that 74% are rejected and 13% deferred, so have realistic expectations. But is is not like you are out of your league.</p>

<p>UT84321, so do you think I will have better chances if I apply RD?</p>

<p>You have an awesome chance.
UT is right, however, in that Stanford SCEA is cutthroat competition. Stanford also does not defer many of its early applicants meaning that Stanford either most likely rejects or accepts those applicants. However, despite all that stuff I think you have a great chance, once again, and you should definitely shoot for it.</p>

<p>Both rank and scores are low for an unhooked applicant at Stanford. They would have to conclude you're a math genius. It's possible, I don't know the Israel competitions, but I'm thinking they would have liked to see some of the major competitions here. I don't think you get a break on the CR/W when you've spent all of HS here. I think it's a major reach.</p>