Please determine my chance at Northeastern

Hello everyone, I have applied Early Action to Northeastern and I am curious as to what all of you think my chances may be. I realize the school is reach but I’m unsure if there’s any likelihood of acceptance. My plan is to enroll through the NU.In program with a major in International Business/French… Here are my stats:

WGPA: 3.85
SAT: 1280
Course Rigor: Classes have become more difficult each year, with an upward trend in grades. I will have taken 4 AP’s and 3 honors classes out of all 4 years by the end of this year.

Volunteer Work:

  • Various events at my local church. (Throughout the 4 years)
  • Traveled to Bolivia for two weeks to learn about culture and help impoverished communities on the outskirts of La Paz. (Summer going into senior year)


  • Ski instructor at a nearby resort (11th grade)


  • French Club (11th)
  • Year Photographer (10th)
  • Soccer Freshman, JV, and Varsity
  • DECA (11th)
  • Junior Achievement (11th)
  • Part of my high school’s NHS chapter (11th-12th)

Essay: About my love for the French language and how it has become a major part of me and my life and I desire to major in it.

My major concerns are my gpa and sat (I know they’re the most important), but I’m hoping that I will be a great fit for the Nu.In program and have some shot at acceptance that way. Additioanlly, my major ties in very closely with what I wrote about in my essay with traveling and French.

I’ve heard that NU defers many good applicants and then accept later at RD just to boost their stats. Hope this helps a little and good luck :slight_smile:

@polarx135 Thanks for the information!