Please give me chances for a few schools

U. of Southern California
U. of Minnesota
U. of San Diego (Private)
U. of Madison

<p>Basics: Senior, White, Middle-Class. First Generation student.
School : Public, MN (400-500 in graduating class) Majority of students attend state schools.
GPA: 3.99 Weighted, 3.9 Unweighted (School has an odd weighting scale, highest in class is a 4.2 weighted)
Rank: Top 3%
ACT: Superscore:31. ENGLISH:32 MATH:29 READING:34 SCIENCE:29 - Highest composite is a 29, taking it again in Sept. </p>

<p>Schedule: 3 APs (all my school offers)
(10th grade) APUSH:3 (11th grade) APWH:4 APSTATS: Senior Year
However, our school does offer CIS classes in concurrence with the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities for college credit. I have taken . . . (# of credits)
CIS Basics of Public Speaking (3) A
CIS Introduction to Psychology (4) A
CIS Intro to Modern Fiction (4) A-
CIS Microeconomics (3)
CIS American Democracy (4)
CIS Freshmen Composition (4)
& either CIS Physics (4) or CIS Human Anatomy (4), thus taking every CIS class offered but two - one of the sciences and CIS Calculus - and will finish with 22 U of MN credits.
In addition, I took all honor courses in my freshmen and sophomore year as they were the highest level available. </p>

<p>Extracurricular activities: potentially my weakest asset.
Leadership Organization - treasurer 2yrs, president 1yr
Volunteer once a month at a retirement home (1hr per visit)
Red Cross blood donation aid
Special Olympics Volunteer (10th-12th)
Speech member (11th and 12th grade)
Basketball 9th and 10th ( Year round )
Student Council - 9th, 11-12th
Briefly worked on a political campaign, helping in parades and such.
Part of a welcoming organization to help make the high school transition easier.
Planning on joined NHS for senior year. </p>

<p>Work Experience:
Fast Food: One year, well respected but not promoted because I only worked around 10hrs a week.
Bank Teller: 5/10-Present. It's part of a paid internship, but is basically a guaranteed job throughout college. Based on the fact economics is one of my potential majors, I think this will be very helpful and I will stress it on application. </p>

<p>Thank you in advance for the chancing*.</p>