Please help clarify for me: Difficulty of admittance as a non-degree student

<p>As far as I can tell it's much easier to be admitted as a non-degree student (btw I understand this is MUCH different than being a degree student-no advisor etc.-& is usually only for a semester-maybe two-on a part-time basis) than to be admitted as a degree student. Is this true? How much easier is it to be admitted? How would SATs compare? Would the typical non-degree students' SATs fall around the 50th percentile? 25th percentile? 10th percentile? of the incoming class? <em>Also, will classes taken as a non-degree student transfer to other institutions?</em></p>

<p>1) The difficulty depends on the institution in question. Sometimes all you need to do is pay the fees.</p>

<p>2) Each institution sets its own policy about transfer credit. If you have a target institution, you need to contact that institution and ask about transferring credit from college/university X that you earn in non-degree status.</p>