Please Help!

<p>So tonight I rushed all of my SAT and SAT II scores to UPenn via collegeboard. However, because my SAT II's werent as great as I expected in June, I retook them in October (will find out results Nov.2). On the collegeboard website, it says that pending scores will not be sent. Is it okay that Penn will get my <em>new</em> SAT II scores after the ED deadline? Furthermore, what should I write of my application under SAT II's since by the time the app is due, I wouldnt of received my scores yet? This is really confusing me. And do I have to pay another 26.50 to rush the SAT II's when they become available november 2nd??!!! </p>

<p>Anyone that can help clear this up will be amazing.</p>

<p>You don't even need to rush the scores. I have already talked to the admissions office. If you are taking the November SAT I/SAT IIs then you do need to rush them for the ED round. You do not need to do so for October (unless you want to). </p>

<p>On the app, just list the SAT II subject tests you have taken and when you took them (Oct 2006). When they receive the score report they will be able to put in the score.</p>

<p>what if you do worse in october than in june in a particular subject but you put down on the app that you took it in october?? </p>

<p>will they just disregard that on your app and put the higher one??</p>

<p>I am not sure. I do know that Penn uses the highest composite score on the SAT Is but do not know its policy on the SAT IIs. Best to call them up.</p>

<p>^ What is there policy on the ACT?</p>

<p>I am not sure about ACT either.</p>

<p>ACT with writing required in lieu of SAT and 2 SAT Subject Tests</p>