Please Help

<p>I posted this earlier..but the thread was overlooked... :[</p>

<p>How can I tell on the Common App and on Brown University's application if my teachers have sent in their recs?</p>

<p>You can't tell from an application. You can only tell from the college's website if they have a "Check your application status" feature. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't.</p>

<p>So, should I email the colleges asking or will they email me informing me that it has arrived?</p>

<p>Many schools will let you know if something hasn't arrived; I don't know about Brown specifically.</p>

<p>Don't e-mail them; if your teachers have said they sent the recs, believe them. Assume all has arrived in good order.</p>

<p>Since it doesn't seem like you understand what Chedva posted... here's a link to the application status checker on the Brown website:</p>

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<p>Ohhh, okay. Thanks to both of you!</p>