Please, I really need help! Chance me for the first time?

<p>First of, I'm not gonna lie to myself, I think I'm pretty screwed. Just as I was entering my freshman year in high school, I got a weird illness and was hours away from dying after a few weeks of insufferable pain. My organs shut off and I was blind and had serious issues. After I was "cured" my kidneys never came back to normal and I had to go to treatment and had a kidney transplant. Obviously, I didn't go back to school that year, but I had tutors and managed to homeschool that year getting a 95% average at the end of the year. I went back to school for 10th grade but due to the fact that I had no "grip" on real high school, plus the fact that I was constantly getting sick because of my suppressed immunosystem, I missed a lot of school and work and ended up with a 79%average at the end of the year. I even had to repeat my Algebra II class this year. Now I'm finishing Junior year with horrible results because, even though I know the material and only struggle in my chemistry II class, my "post-transplant" depression finally set in at the beginning of the year. I'm okay now but it's obviously kind of late to really get good results this year. I took the SAT in December and got 2,300. I'm still waiting for my SAT English Literature, US History and World History that I took a week ago. I have plenty of ECs (horseback riding, Irish dancing, school newpaper editor and literary magazine writer, my city's prestigious writer's guild, tutoring children, kindergarten teacher assistant, opera singer, internship with an award winning cultural journalist and radio producer, radio club, choir, etc) but my grades obviously really worry me. I know I'm more than capable, as I read, write and love to learn all the time: I'm an intelligent person. What do you think I should do? I'm planning on heading to Scotland for university, or perhaps England or Ireland, but I need opinions on whether or not I'll be able to. Thank you for your time and I will wait for your replies.</p>