PLEASE! My chances at these rolling admission colleges

<p>Do I have a chance?</p>

<p>SAT : 1370 (720m 650v) <--Gosh I'm asian and can't get a perfect math
GPA : 3.908 UW
Rank: 13/199</p>

<p>Korean Male international (but have been living in US for 8 unconsecutive years)</p>

<p>Currently living in South Carolina</p>


Performed at Carnegie Hall. (Yeah beat it all you self supposed musicians!)
Chair violist at Carolina Youth Symphony
Chair violist at School
Outstanding String Orchestra Student
Superior (Highest) @ SC solo and ensemble festival
Also had a job playing Viola @ church ceremonies (I get payed $50 for 2 hours!)</p>

I'm really good, but not much public recognition. But everyone who looks at my work knows i'm talented.</p>

Math club (10,11,12)
Beta club
Mu Alpha Theta
Academic Team (12)
Got a 98.5 at AMC 12
2nd place Team at charleston math competition</p>

<p>Volunteer work:</p>

<p>I teach art at local Church (50+ hours)
Peer tutoring
I play my viola at local church
And not so much... Too obsorbed in worrying about my grades</p>

<p>My college of choice:</p>

<p>Illinois institue of technology
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Purdue University
University of Illinois-UC (i know this isn't rolling but still)
U of Michigan-AA (probably my first choice, though a bit pricey)</p>

<p>Other private universities:</p>

<p>Tulane university
University of Miami</p>

<p>PLEASE give me some advice about my chances.... I'll be taking SAT II soon, but not for rolling admission colleges.</p>

<p>bump. Please help.</p>

<p>Hey according to what I thought was that you have a pretty good academic record including the AMC 12 Competetion.
however what would you like to major in?
because your transcript should reflect your strongest area and if you are not aiming for mathematics major then you need not worry about 720 in math( of course it is a comparably good score)</p>

<p>But one piece of advice is that you should take the ACT this december since you would have a better chance of scoring on the ACT compared to regular students. The ACT score would definately be better since your SAT score might not be very competetive but being asian, you would do better in the science and maths thus giving you a better competetive edge.</p>

<p>I live in Illinois, and a lot of kids from my high school apply to UIUC and UIC (95 out of the 240 kids in my class applying to 4 year institutions are applying to UIUC) Anyway, I'm not applying, but from what I know about the schools, you have a very good shot. I'd say you're almost 100% sure to be accepted to UIC, and a very good shot at UIUC. What are you considering for your major? If you choose something like engineering, then getting into UIUC will be more difficult.</p>

<p>Thank you for posting Shubham and littlewings. Yes I'm really thinking about taking the ACT this December. I'm not a mathy type. I enjoy drawing but also fiddling with technology, so I though maybe industrial design would be the thing for me.<br>
Oh and littlewings, have you ever been to Illinois institute of technology? Or know anyone who's applying there?</p>

<p>UIUC does a sort of rolling admissions. I got accepted right around this time when I applied. UIUC's the only school I really know about.... but a 1370 will put you right in the middle of the engineering range and well above the requirements for any other subject there. So I'd say you've got a great shot there, but take the ACT just for the hell of it. Score a 30 or higher and you can get into just about anything at UIUC (eng. always a tough one)</p>

<p>On a side note, some of your comments up there came off a bit strongly (with the beat it all you supposed musicians and such)... I know youre just messin around with us, just make sure that kinda stuff doesn't get into your essays, which become a big factor if you're borderline.</p>

<p>Someone that graduated from my high school last year is a freshman at IIT this year. I don't know much about it, but from what I've heard, it's a pretty reputable tech school. The location is a little poor (somewhere on the South Side), but I've heard students on campus are relatively safe.</p>

<p>Ooops. Sorry I'll edit it. Didn't mean to offend anyone.</p>

<p>Ahh... It wouldn't let me edit. Sorry if you're offended!</p>

<p>no worries dude. i dont take offense to any of that, i'm just saying that i could see how others might</p>

<p>Beramod, </p>

<p>You must keep in mind that it is harder to get into a public university as an out of state resident because the schools vested interest in providing an education for the students of their state.</p>

<p>Since it is rolling admissions, your chances are greater if you file early in the process (which means your paper work should be in or at least on its way) because they get a lot of apps, and the adcomes are still fresh. Also keep in mind that for most publics the numbers are the overriding factor (whether that is fair or unfair, is another story)</p>

<p>I would suggest that you look up the admissions policies at each school or at least look at their common data set (office of institutional research) for more information </p>

<p>all the best</p>

<p>You have a good chance at all the schools you list (at IIT you are likely to qualify for some merit money). Mich is harder to get into from out-of-state than UIUC which only gives minimal advantage to in-sate. If you intend to apply to UIUC, you should do so immediately and get everything in quickly. It has a November 1 priority date -- what does that mean? according to UIUC itself, it means that those who apply and get all neccessary things in by that date will have a "distinct advantage" in admissions over those who apply after that date.</p>

<p>IIT is a good college but neighborhood, located about 4 miles south of the loop (downtown), is questionable. Easy to get by el train to premier areas of city since train stops right in the middle of campus. The campus is not very pretty -- lots of buildings designed by reknowned architects but problem is that buildings do not really fit in with each other since each architect wanted to do something different from anyone else.</p>

<p>You have a 99.9% shot at UW.</p>