Please please see if I am on track?

<p>So I'm currently a hs junior and I was just wondering if I was on the right track for hyp. I'm an Asian female and I'm pretty interested in engineering, probably operations research. I love Harvard, but I'm not sure if I'm on the right track. Help please? </p>

Geophys. Honors
Biology honors
World history honors
French 2 Cp (our school doesn't have language honors)
English 1 honors
Algebra 2 honors
GPA weighted: 102.8</p>

French 3
English 2 honors
Math analysis honors
Us history 1 Honors
Business organization and management
Desktop publishing
Chemistry honors
GPA weighted: 102.4 </p>

Ap physics Ab
Ap us history
Ap calculus Ab
Ap language and comp
Ap music theory
French 4
GPA weighted as of now: 105.4</p>

<p>Sat 1: 2260 ( I want to take it again)
Sat 2: math2: 800
Chinese : 790 :/
And I'm going to take the physics test June </p>

-JV captain tennis first half of sophomore year then moved up to varsity
-Fbla vice president
-interact project coordinator
-Choir accompanist
-FHS member
(hopefully NHS) </p>

<p>Programs/ awards:
-ABRSM tri-state highest distinction piano award
- outward bound participant
- Johnson and johnson technology awareness program </p>

<p>Please enlighten me! :)</p>

<p>Seems like your grades are on track, but don't really have anything unique...</p>

<p>You look just like every other HYP "clone" (no offense, just being honest)</p>