Please rate my notes

<p>I made a notes site..
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<p>Please tell me what you think about it..</p>

<p>these are exemplary! unfortunately im not a history buff and im not too interested in environmental science; however, these are well put together and would be very helpful to someone studying ap history etc courses.</p>

<p>thanks.. any other comments</p>

<p>Looks great! Keep up the good work!</p>

<p>That's awesome!</p>

<p>wow, they're excellent. i'm taking ap euro and self studying ap us gov and lack a text book, so pleaes keep it up!</p>

not complaining or anything but listing the textbook would also be helpful.</p>

<p>were are the notes for us history, bio ,or chem</p>

<p>Sweet notes.
I'm not complaining either, but yeah, the names of your textbooks would be helpful.</p>

<p>APES - living in the Environment
AP Euro - teachers lectures and Western Hertiage
AP World - Ancient Civilizations - Adler
AP Govt - American Government
AP Psych - Psychology - Karen Huffman</p>

<p>awesome...too bad I have different textbooks.</p>

<p>awesome. Can you tell me the purpose behind this project? Thanks</p>

<p>Very nicely done.</p>

<p>But it looks like a pain if I were to use that to study for finals & such.. but good job! :)</p>

<p>I could give AP bio notes on Campbell textbook if u want to add it to the thing..but I would like to help those who are self studying or something..not for those who are lazy and would use it as their hw when teacher collects notes or something.</p>

<p>the fonts are too small, i didnt take any subjects on ur site, but it seems nice.</p>

<p>WOW the notes are great. I cannot believe you are actually reading through the World History textbook "Ancient Civilizations." kudos to you for being able to tolerate such a boring text. (by the way- your notes are VERY detailed and I don't think you'll need to know so much factual info for AP World!)
if you're doing all this to prep for the AP test, I suggest you get a prep book instead, unless of course you remember better through typing things out yourself.</p>

<p>finish those notes on gov/politics so i can use them for my class!@</p>

<p>i don't have a bio or us history teacher i need the notes i'm self-studing the courses</p>

<p>ill upload a bunch more this week..</p>

<p>thanks !!!!!!!!!!</p>