Please Suggest TECH schools

<p>I need an engineering school
I'm not a great essay writer and I'm Indian (ASIAN) so those are two major turnoffs</p>


Physics 800
Chemistry 800
Math Level 2 800</p>

Math - 800
Writing - 750
Reading - 800
Total - 2350</p>

<p>Xtra Curriculars
Physics Team - 2 yrs first soph ever to be on school's Science league team
USAPhO Semifinalist last year never made Top 12 though </p>

<p>Science Olympiad - won several awards</p>

<p>Chemistry Team - Top 10 in NJSL Semifinalist USNCO but wouldn't let me take
next exam because not a US citizen</p>

<p>Math Team - won several awards through 3 years
3 year AIME qualifier never made USAMO
ARML high scorer
Mandelbrot high</p>

<p>X-Country- 3 yr varsity athlete (won v. letter 3 years) several medals</p>

<p>Started AIDS club - one of the most successful clubs in school</p>

<p>Model UN - 3 years won best delegate twice and honorable mention </p>

<p>Volunteer hours - 20 hours in school about 500 out of
Teaching religious studies to younger kids in a religious school i helped start
Volunteer at hospital also
Also tutored students in school in Math</p>

<p>Siemens-Westinghouse but didnt win anything </p>

<p>APs i dont think really matter but here..

<p>Now here comes the killer:
GPA = 3.62
Our school doesn't rank or weight since evry1 takes honors but I think this is approximately top 15-20%
Also my school is a magnet school so about (20-30)/150 kids go to first choice each year..
its not like a normal public school</p>

<p>As you can probably tell I am science oriented and wanna go to a tech school
I'm in summer of junior year
Please tell me anything I can do to boost my app (xtra curricular wise) and suggest some good tech

<p>I might make either physics or math olympiad next year but then its too late anyway...</p>

<p>I was hoping to get into FU, cornell engineering or caltech.. but my gpa seems to get me rejected
MIT looks out of range
also want UPENN Berkeley</p>


<p>MIT looks out of range? Are you kidding me? With those scores and ECs, you look like the perfect candidate. Explain the GPA in "Additional Information."</p>

<p>That said, there are lots of other technical schools. UC Berkeley is up there, there's Johns Hopkins and Carnegie Melon for big schools. Very good LACs: Harvey Mudd and Swarthmore. Of these, I think you would fit very well to Johns Hopkins. Their BM Engineering program is highly competative, because it's excellent, but with your numbers I think you should check into it.</p>

<p>Oh, and anything that ends with "Institute of Technology." Most major states have them (check down in Texas...I don't know anything but there should be good ones).</p>

<p>Thank You
I'll be sure to look into Johns Hopkins and "Institutes of Tech" for my matches</p>

<p>But what r my chances at:
Columbia FU</p>

<p>These seem to be best of the best for Engineering... thats why I wanted to go there</p>

<p>The reason why I thought I wouldn't get into them is because my freshman year chem as well as soph year chem and physics (Intro and Intermediate) are all B's
After that I got A in all sciences (Adv. and AP)</p>

<p>cornell is better than columbia fu, I dont know much about caltech</p>

<p>Maybe you could twist the early Bs to your advantage: the essays could focus on how you had no interest in hard sciences and didn't try at all, then you discovered a passion for them and got up to 800 Physics/Chem/MathII level. Mind-boggling, that is. I was proud of my 780 Lit/Bio/MathII scores, but perfect? That's crazy. And that's my point: something must have happened to make you love engineering, and it contributes to you as a person. It might even be better than someone who was perfect all through high school, because you're real.</p>

<p>re TKM</p>

<p>although many engineering schools ask for essays on "why engineering" (hopkins and duke come to mind) I'm not sure how seriously they consider these essays, as almost every applicant writes the same drivel (legos! legos!), and engineering invariably turns out to be a different beast from what students expect.</p>

<p>I would say you have a decent shot at all your schools. As you have noted, your GPA is your crutch. What specific engineering department are you itnerested in?</p>

<p>little superman?</p>

<p>match :</p>

<p>Haverford ,pomona</p>

<p>Wow that's an awesome SAT score. You have a good shot at MIT, since you're going to a magnet school anyway.</p>

<p>EM EYE TEA = match.</p>

<p>*** there is no such a thing as an "awesome SAT score" for the top tech schools, and no such thing as matches for MIT Stanford/Berekeley and the like.</p>