<p>I want to major in International Relations.
Here are my stats:
I am a high school senior.
95% unweighted average
AP World: 2 :(
AP English Language and Composition: 3
Currently taking
AP Calculus
AP Literature and Composition
I also took a college French class at Niagara University and recieved 4 hours of credit.
I am also currently taking AP Literature and Composition class at Niagara Community College and will recieve 6 credit hours, and AP Calculus for which I will recieve 8 credit hours.
My SAT scores were kind of low but I am retaking.
I know my stats aren't all that impressive but what schools that are excellent with International Relations do you think I could be accepted to? Preferably, I would like one in the NYC area, or even just in NYS. But please help with any. Thanks so much.</p>

<p>U Rochester would be a good choice if you don't mind the bitter cold.</p>