pls chance ! @ princeton, cornell, brown, duke..........

<p>chances @ duke, cornell, princeton..? </p>


<p>& carnegie & swarthmore & johns hopkins </p>

<p>asian girl,
looking towards an engineer or environmental science major</p>

<p>gpa, 3.95 unweighted..
& 4.86/5.20 weighted </p>

<p>sats, 2380 (800 math 800 cr 780 writing)
sat 2s, chem (750) math 2 (750) us (720) chinese (780) bio (770)</p>

9, ap bio (4)
10, ap us (4)
11, ap chem, us, calc, lang, enviro (all 5's..somehow)
12..5 courses, 2 tests?</p>

track & field (9, 10, 11..12) <varsity in 11
winter track (10, 11...12)
xc (12)
greening ___ task force (10, 11...12) <vp starting 10th
S.E.A. (9,10,11...12) <co pres starting 10th
fencing (10,11,,,12) <secretary starting 11th
key club (9,10,11,,,12)
orchestra-viola (9,10,,,12)
"experimented w/ clubs" 10th grade, so i did DI and scioly that year only</p>

<p>volunteer with local conservancy during school year and summer
volunteer at valley forge national park
volunteered at YMCA one summer for 2 weeks</p>

<p>nhs (11,,,12)

<p>probably submitting an art portfolio to go with
thanks !</p>

<p>You're a strong applicant. Although those universities are unpredictable sometimes, you have a fairly good shot at the ones you listed.</p>

<p>I agree with Analgin. You have strong extra curriculars and good numbers. You'll get into at least one of those. Good luck! :)</p>

<p>i say you will get into 2 out of 3</p>

<p>Duke and Cornell seems to be in decent reach, not guaranteed, but Princeton is a bit harder!</p>

<p>that's encouraging, thanks guys :)</p>

is it normal to do that to yourself? lol</p>