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<p>pls rate my essay and give me some suggestions and remarks....</p>

<p>"Things don't get better by been left alone"</p>

<p>Life is a road full of twists and turns.Miseries and problems often takes one to a crossroad where one has to choose the best way to reach ones destination and then again embark on a new journey.It is a continuous process that takes place untill one completes his life cycle.One who succumbs to the external pressures loses control over his fate.Episodes taken from present day life and historical eveidences exemplify the assertion that a person is the master of his own fate.</p>

<p>Sir Stephen William Hawkings is the professor of mathematics at the university of cambridge,a post once held by Sir Isaac Newton.Despite enduring severe disability because of been rendered quadraplegic by motor neuron disease ,he has had a successful career and has attained the status of academic celebrity.The medical prognosis suggested that he won't live for more than 3 years but he battled against the odds and survived much more than a person suffering from this disease usually does.One remarkable characterstic of his attitude is that he didn't lose hope and continued to educate himself even after learning about his extremely short life span.</p>

<p>In the beginning of the nineteenth century,the Indian women had a very low status.They were secluded behind the purdahs and forced to live inside the four walls of their houses.But they didn't succumb to the circumstances.They came forward,broke all barriers imposed by society and participated in the freedom struggle started by Gandhiji,which was indirectly aimed at emancipation of women.They shamed men in such a way that gandhiji continually called them the main support of his movement.And when Indira gandhi was appointed as the PM of India,the outside world was so suprised
because for an oriental nation like India , women are presumed to be held in subjection and therefore all this seemed to be unnatural.The true account of the nineteenth century Indian women clearly shows that one should never yield to the troubles that might come in ones way,Instead one should cope up with them bravely and emerge out stronger.</p>

<p>One fails to realise that miseries are a real test of a persons attitude and that one should approach it positively.Each year so many children commits suicide due to parental pressure,peer pressure or exam pressure.But what they fail to realise is that suicide is not the only solution to all life problems.</p>

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