POLL: Have you or haven't you received your score?

<p>Simple question. No need for long explanations. Have you or haven't you?</p>

<p>Me: I haven't</p>

<p>no...the site went down!</p>

<p>i haven't either</p>

<p>i have
i got it right @ 4PM</p>

<p>have (and i wish i hadn't lol)</p>

<p>I have not jdsa;f sdfkljds;a</p>

<p>Nope. (This character limit is annoying.)</p>

<p>I have adafasdfa</p>

<p>No :( Im sooo unhappy ahhhhhhh</p>

<p>I have. .. .. .... . . .</p>

<p>nope, and i checked before the site went down...and still nothin...</p>

<p>arrrghhh freaking college board... fix ur freaking website arrrrrrrrrghhhhh!! ! !!! i need a 1500 to live.... well over 1400 and i'll relax at least....</p>

<p>yes i did indeed I did really i did</p>


<p>They probably want to release it at 12 AM.</p>

<p>no i haven't gotten mine yet</p>

<p>i got it at 1 pst</p>

<p>no I have not but I want to see them RIGHT NOW!!!!!</p>

<p>Got it first thing when they went up- when the site haven't malfunctioned yet. I'm lucky! And am happy!</p>

<p>Nope. Damn CB.</p>


<p>I haven't gotten mine either. Something is wrong with the collegeboard's website.</p>