Pomona Regular Decision Fall 2022 - Class of 2026

The regular decision deadline for Pomona is coming up on January 8th. Anyone applying RD? This is spot to connect and share stats.


Why is this forum so quiet? Anyone know when decisions will be released?

I checked in here and thought the same. I think it’s because Pomona has not sent out any emails to applicants at all. It seems that the other college threads get busy when an email comes out and everyone compares notes on ‘what it means’. Last I checked, Pomona is still an April 1 decision. I might check last year’s thread to see how things went down in March 2021. There are a few other schools where I’ve noticed a weird absence of chatter!

Good idea. It looks like last year decisions came out on March 25th.


I noticed that the Pomona Portal is still open to submitting music/arts supplements. Does anyone know if that means they are accepting/reviewing them at this late date? Or does anyone know if there was a deadline for these kinds of supplements?

There is a deadline. Also, they usually just don’t update the portal to reflect that. They almost certainly would not be looked at if submitted now (or even any time in March).


Do the Claremont schools usually all release decisions on the same day? DD applied to Pomona, Pitzer, and Scripps. However, she got into UC Davis today and is super excited. I think she likes the idea of a bigger school that is farther from home. :rofl:


Historically, the 5C admissions offices seem to operate independently of each other (can’t really predict one’s release date from another one’s). Congratulations to your DD on getting into UCD! It was the very strong second choice for my Pomona kid! (And it was the favorite UC of another one of my kids, too). Even though it is a big school, it seemed to have a very close sense of community - and the part of town next to the campus reminded them a lot of Claremont Village.

They posted on their Instagram.
Decisions this Friday! :grimacing:

Not sure if I’m mentally prepared for it this soon.


Thank you for the heads up!


Anyone deferred from EDI here? Do you still have “Early Decision I 2022” on your application portal? Surely they haven’t forgotten about my application?

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ED2 deferred and still says “Early Decision II 2022” on mine too.

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Decisions come out today at 5 pdt per Pomona’s insta

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Hey y’all, is anyone able to access this portal


Not me. Uh oh.

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Yeah I can’t either. But I think it’s just because they’re getting ready to release decisions…

Rejected </3

WL. Congrats to the admitted!

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My kid was admitted RD. 33 ACT (only took it once, but did submit it - cannot get over these kids that are hiding a 33 because they think it’s not good enough!!!), 4.9/5.0 uw gpa, 5.6/5.0 w gpa, large Midwest public school but in top 5% (at least one B every semester - our school does not have grade inflation), very regular EC’s (only did 2 sports he enjoyed, no research, no internships, no awards, nothing national, taught swim lessons for $). Sharing because I looked at these threads to glean what was appropriate for my kid - didn’t want to set him up for disappointment. Ultimately, largely disagreed with a lot of the advice and let him “shoot the moon.” So far, it’s working out.