Post Your June 2006 SAT and/or ACT Scores

520 CR
670 M
530 W with an 8 essay</p>

<p>Practice Tests after June 2006 :
700 M
720 W
580 CR</p>



<p>March 2005 SAT
710 M
740 W 45MC</p>


<p>1450(M + W)</p>

<p>Projected Score(Hopefully)
800 M(Every question right :( )
800 W (I will try to hack the SAT scoring system) For example 49MC with a 9 essay. ;)
600+ CR(Vocabulary)</p>



<p>No takers?</p>

680Critical Reading</p>

<p>Practice CR after june: 740-790</p>


<p>goal: 2350</p>

<p>ACT-35 composite(32R,35M,36R,35SC+11E)</p>

<p>Wait, what the hell is the point of this???:)</p>

<p>I wanted to see the correlation between ACT and SAT scores.</p>

<p>how long does it take to get ACT scores back?</p>

<p>Online: 1.5 weeks after test date
Mail: 3 weeks to a 1 month after test date</p>

<p>how is there supposed to be a correlations b/t SAT and ACT?</p>


<p>SAT: 2220
Math 670
Reading 770
Writing 780
Essay 12</p>

<p>ACT: 32
Math 31
English 35
Reading 34
Science 28
Essay 9</p>

<p>Retaking ACT this month - Goal 35/36. :)</p>

<p>ACT 34..........i think when i took the SAT i got like a 2060</p>

<p>ACT: 34 (35 math, 35, science, and like 32 and 33 for the others)</p>

<p>SAT:2140 </p>

<p>Ironically, I tried my hardest on SATs. I practiced a lot. I took the ACTs, not really know what they were, and did significantly better.</p>

<p>lol same Kmc</p>

<p>SAT II's
Biology-E: 770
Math IIC: 750
USH: 690 (ugh)</p>

Composite: 33 (35 science, 33 reading, 31 english, 33 math, 12/12 essay)</p>

<p>SAT's (January)
Total: 2110
Math: 760
CR: 690
Writing: 660 (600 before essay, which I have no clue how I got considering I got a 70 on PSATs, but luckily I got an 11/12 on my essay to bring that up)</p>

<p>SAT I
CR: 800
Math: 800
Writing: 800
(even though I got an 11 on the essay and missed one question...)</p>

<p>Wow, that's an amazing score. Take the ACT and see if you can get a 36.</p>

<p>I'm too lazy to take the ACT lol. plus I don't really see the point of it.</p>

<p>700 Math
730 Writing
760 Crit Reading</p>

<p>2190 Total
1460 Composite</p>