Pre Med Schools I should be looking out for.

<p>I got a 1960 on the SAT and a 27 on the ACT. I have to say my high school performance is pretty good. 4.3 or so and 10/444. What are some of the schools I should keep my eyes pealed for.</p>

<p>Johns Hopkins is considered by Newsweek to be the hottest school for pre-meds. My friend goes there and he says that like a 1/3 of the kids that go there are pre-med. Only problem is that JoHo would be a reach unless you're an URM. I'd say with your stats, you might want to consider a state school.</p>

<p>A. Where do you live?
B. Where do you want to go to school?
C. What type of school do you want to go to?</p>

<p>And aside from that, Johns Hopkins is cutthroat competitive...not the right environment for everyone.</p>

<p>Really though, any school is good for pre-med. Just go somewhere where you'll be happy and do well. It wouldn't hurt to save money and go to your state flagship either, if that's something you're interested in.</p>

<p>Holy Cross is SAT Optional and has a well regarded Pre-Med program. More than 10 percent of the living alumni of Holy Cross are physicians and dentists.</p>

<p>other SAT optional schools can be found at The</a> National Center for Fair & Open Testing | FairTest</p>

<p>Bates and Franklin and Marshall are SAT Optional as well</p>

<p>And thank you, World Changer, for trying to perpetuate the urban myth that Hopkins is "cutthroat competitive." Do you have a source for that rumor other than anonomous hearsay? I can tell you from personal experience, that old myth about Hopkins is almost entirely untrue. Sure, you will run into a few jerks anywhere (including Hopkins), but the vast majority of students are simply smart students who lead, on the whole, balanced lives. Is it competitive? Of course--students strive to do their best. If you don't like competition--then you shouldn't consider a career in medicine--or law or business of most anything else except maybe government. But is it cutthroat? No more so than any other top school with a favorable medical school placement rate. And You won't find a school anywhere that has a better med school placement rate than JHU.</p>

<p>If you're going to criticize, at least have facts (and names) to back it up.</p>