Prep school applications HELP!

<p>Hi! I'm want to apply to SPS, MPS, Milton to name a few for entry this Sep. I know that with late applications, my chances are lowered.</p>

<p>I currently attend the top private school in my country (Im not from the US), and my grades are mostly Bs and Cs, which is considered average in my school which consists of the top students in the country! </p>

<p>I know that most applicants probably have straight As, and my school transcript will look very bad next to those transcipts. I will be sitting for the ssat, and I am pretty confident of a good result. However, I've read that schools don't really bother about the ssat results when reviewing an applicant (is that true?).</p>

<p>Also, I intend to apply for financial aid.</p>

<p>So in summary, I am a late applicant with not-good (haha i dont wanna say bad) school results, but hopefully high ssat scores who needs financial aid. I guess its pretty obvious my chances are really really low. So should i apply anyway, or continue where i am?</p>

<p>Please help me!</p>

<p>Or are there other good prep schools with not as high admission standards that someone can recommend? </p>


<p>Why don't you wait till next year. This way you can concentrate on improving your school work, and you can apply during the regular cycle. Tjerwise< I'm afraid you'll be setting yurself up for failure. Good Luck!</p>

<p>You're also competing with students from the top private schools in our country, (The U.S.) who have straight A's. I'd get your grades up if I were you before I even start thinking of prep school. :)</p>

<p>Don't go to MPS! I heard it's a horrible school. Milton is good. SPS? Never heard of it.</p>

don't make judgements about things you don't know (MPS is a great school)... how would you know MPS is a horrible school if you have never been there? </p>

I highly recommend you focus on your grades and SSAT scores. My brother has a bit of a rough start. Schools were concerned about his earlier grades, but he pulled off a great finish (the upward trend is love) , got in to quite few schools, and now he's in all junior and senior class as a 15-y-o sophomore.
As far as MPS goes, I'm currently a senior (and obviously have more perspective than punkiie) there and I have loved every second of my experience here. I originally didn't want to apply here and was forced. I wanted to go to Choate. But after my revisit, I loved the school. It felt very welcoming, but challenging. The girls weren't always trying to cut each other down and always supported each other through and through. Though MPS doesn't have a super low admissions rate, we also don't have as many applicants as our co-ed competitors b/c some people are turned off the all-girls thing. However, it is truly and excellent school for growing as a student and a leader and the education is at a very high level (despite what punkiie has depicted). I recommend you come visit, but I realize that might be hard depending on where you live.
Feel free to PM me ANY and ALL questions you have.</p>

<p>Punkie, SPS is St. Paul's School in New Hampshire.</p>

<p>Elvenqueen10, I'm talking about a different MPS. >/ Not Miss Porter School.</p>

<p>wait .... which mps is the original poster talking about then?
srry about that, MPS is officially the miss porter's symbol so I didn't even think twice</p>

<p>In mid-April, go to <a href=""&gt;;/a> . They will have a list of schools with openings. You can also go to and look for schools with rolling admissions. There are some wonderful schools (like Northfield Mount Hermon and Williston North Hampton) that often do not have full enrollment by April 10th. My guess is that it will be very difficult to get financial aid at a school with almost full enrollment. This is only a guess. My impression is that grades are far more important than SSAT scores. I am not an expert in this area.</p>