Princeton Early Action for Fall 2022 Admission

total 110 QB applicants got accepted into P.

are QB acceptances included in SCEA statistic ? ? ?

110 out of a total of, maybe ~1400.
wow, that’s an impressively high percentage.

Are the QuestBridge admits part of early action?

Does Princeton’s interview mean anything? Or is it just informational??? I mean do they assign interviews as Yale because they need more info on applicant or smth???

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They try to interview everyone (as long as sufficient alumni are available); typically more 90% of applicants are offered interviews. Although the interview is to some degree evaluative, it doesn’t carry as much weight as most other components of the application, and the university says that applicants are not penalized if they do not have an interview.

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Any news as to when the Princeton early action results will be out?


When is the exact day for the results?

No idea

My son had an interview and the alum mostly talked about himself and asked her just a couple of questions. He was disappointed as it didn’t lend itself too much dialogue. Do you you think that will negatively impact his application?

My niece informed me that Princeton had reached out to her school for her first quarter grades. She had not sent it as it was not an application requirement. Has anyone else received a similar request?

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our school sends automatically

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I’m sorry that he didn’t have a good interviewer. It won’t help, obviously, but I doubt it will hurt his chances.

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@ccgiveyourbest1, I believe that’s routine if the school receives a transcript without first quarter grades from an SCEA applicant.

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My counselor received a request, specifically on the 3rd.

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My daughter’s school did not received such request. I am nervous…So I ask her school counselor to send one…Hopefully, that will not mess anything up…fingers crossed…So nervous…

What is your gpa? Just wondering if it was because the previous grades were borderline for them. Did your school send a prior grade report? My daughter has a 4.0 unweighted and her school sends a grade report automatically. They weren’t contacted. Not sure if that’s good or bad.

My GPA was sufficient enough for Princeton. If your school already sent the report, then there would really be no reason for Princeton to contact your counselor with a request.

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Our counselor received the first marking period request yesterday.

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