<p>What kind should I get? 3-in-1 or just normal?</p>

<p>Post the name of one that looks good if you can find one or if you already have one.</p>

<p>I bought a Brother HL-2140 on sale last week. It was 40 bucks after mail in rebates. </p>

<p>Just about any laser printer will do, since they print fast, and is very neat and doesn't cost too much per page in terms of replacing the toner.</p>

<p>i have the laserjet 1022, it works great, never had any problems last year, wireless printing and we used like 3 toners during the whole year :)</p>

<p>Holy **** 3 toners is a lot for the 1022. Did you get stock toner carts or generic? Any recommendations on the gen stuff? I see some one amazon with good reviews.</p>

<p>lol yeah my neighbor prints like 200 pages at a time!!! but i use generic toners , i just get them from my dad's office, tax deductible :) as for recommendations i don't really know about them, they came in black plastic bags and looked really shady... but works well :)</p>

<p>you really dont need a printer. I live in de neve and i can always go to the main de neve building to print and be back within 10 mins tops. </p>

<p>also depending on what department you are in you can get free printing. life science majors get a few hundred free pages of printing in the LS building.</p>

<p>You don't NEED one, but it is nice to have. 10 mins tops, but like 30 seconds in your room, lol.</p>