Private day school applicants- west coast- where are you!!

<p>ANyone applying to day schools in California?</p>

<p>last year I did, if you have any questions or anything.</p>

<p>where? my D did urban, lick, SI, SH</p>

<p>The only school I actually applied to was Bellarmine, which obviously is not an option for your D. LOL</p>

<p>if you have any questions about a Jesuit education or anything, let me know</p>

<p>This won't be any help now, but I don't come on this board often enough to have seen your thread earlier.
I applied to the same schools as your daughter, with the exception of urban. I also applied to university and lowell--now I am a sophomore at university. It's nice to see other sf high schoolers/parents on this board.
Where did your daughter end up?</p>

<p>Saint Ignatius with Honors,,,shes a happy camper</p>


<p>Got accepted the The Harker School, Archbishop Mitty, and Valley waitlisted at Castilleja. Will be attending Harker! I had friends who applied to SI, but they chose St. Francis instead.</p>