<p>Okay, so I want to apply to colleges with straight-med programs. For instance, say I want to apply to Boston University. It has an accelerated medical program. What is the procedure I take? I understand I have to fill out the common app and supplement, but how do i indicate to the college that i'm interested in the straight medical program?

<p>For BCs combined accelerated 7 year LAS/medical school program, you applly as any other student would with the common app and BC supplement; the supplement will have on it your ability to select that program. Note, it is not a "straight" medical school program. You cannot go directly from high school to medical school in the US. Medical school is a four year graduate school that is done after college except that some universities have the seven year programs like BC which allow you to go to college for three years and then start medical school in fourth year of college. Acceptance to those accelerated programs is highly competitive and BC has said it does not accept many into it. Moreover, even if accepted as a freshman there is no guarantee you will actually be allowed to start med school in fourth year becaus you need to maintain high grades in college for that to happen.</p>

<p>Thank you so much! That was extremely helpful! And yeah, I know technically it's not a straight medical program, I just like to call it that. And yes, I researched and found out that you have to maintain a certain GPA in college and for some schools have to get a minimum MCAT score to get in to the medical school. Thanks!</p>