Professor Recs!

<p>Wow, Im quickly adjusting to this forum! it necessarily bad if you get a rec from a professor and all youve done is simply raise your hand in class all semester, not for actual discussions, but to just answer basice questions? I guess what Im really asking is how much will a mediocre rec affect one's chances for transfering to a top 40 school assuming they have >3.7 gpa and have at least 3 decent EC's?? JW....I love this website :)</p>

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<p>A recommendation letter that doesn't tell much than what is already known/said in other part of your application is usually a wasted opportunity. E.g. suppose I read three well written letters that all say "xyz is a great student in my class, always ask questions, demonstrated academic curiosity ... bla bla bla", the letters don't really hurt you and I got the idea. But, you could and should use the other two opportunities to tell the admissions more about you...</p>